SECPRO is the promoter for the formation and management of collaborative networks that are intended for the creation and success of strong partnerships.

The resources we have are used to activate static and dynamic operational sites  able to respond to customer needs, offering proven solutions to be implemented in the following areas:

• PUBLIC  for shows and events

• BUSINESS  consulting, services and advanced technological security systems

• ENERGY  services and security systems in  energy supply and mining facilities

• ENGINEERING  security of strategic projects

• TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS  feasibility studies, support convoys and analysis

• CONSTRUCTION  security services in areas of reconstruction in high-risk countries

• PRIVATE  consultancy  services adhering to customer needs

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The Company  standards are defined by the  Quality Manual, referring to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, which together with the highest international credit, on which we value ,are your best guarantee.


SECPRO follows continuously emerging market  technologies , selecting and comparing, in terms of performance and reliability, offering the best  to its customers.

Furthermore, it is strictly careful in the delicate management of human resources; each operator has a wealth of experience both technical and professional and of the highest level.


SECPRO stands for safety and security also concerning the legal profile, guaranteed thanks to the stipulation  of an insurance policy "ALL RISK" stipulated with a leading insurance company, valid throughout Europe and extended to every country in the world.




In order to maintain transparency between all  parties and in compliance with national and international laws, SECPRO doesn’t represent  a paramilitary force, or recruit workers to serve in foreign countries. The services offered,  after a  risk management analysis , are specifically channeled , after  open negotiation between the parties, to ONG’S,Private  and Pubblic Companies  who require structured resources  and specialist in the field of security.


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